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Eponine London: A Tale of Refined Luxury

Eponine London: A Tale of Refined Luxury

The Essence of Eponine

Crafted Elegance

Founded in 2010, Eponine epitomises a commitment to refined craftsmanship. Each of our creations is a touchstone of precision and attention to detail, blending traditional couture techniques with a touch of modernity.


Timeless Silhouettes

Celebrating Femininity

The hallmark of Eponine lies in its silhouettes - distinct and classic – which embrace the enduring beauty of the female form. Our designs sit happily outside the ever-changing culture of trends, instead celebrating timeless femininity with designs that exude confidence and grace.


Collections: Simple Sophistication

Seasonal Stories

Each season our collections tell a story; tales of textile provenance, design inspiration and luxury dressmaking techniques. Every design is an expression of refined taste and encapsulates the sense of joie de vivre that lies at the heart of the Eponine aesthetic.


Sustainable Luxury

Ethical Style

In an era of much-needed environmental consciousness, we take a modest yet impactful step towards being as sustainable as possible. We feel a great responsibility to practice luxury dressmaking in an eco-friendly way, and to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We source our textiles ethically; often using vintage, second-hand and deadstock fabrics. We make only one sample for each design in a collection.


Beyond the Garment

Elevated Shopping Experience

The Eponine atelier and showroom is more than a shopping destination, it is an experience. It boasts impeccable service, personalised, unhurried fittings and painstaking attention to detail. Beautifully curated to exhibit the works of various painters, photographers and sculptors, the studio is as unique as the clothes that are crafted in it.


In Conclusion

Eponine is not just a label, it’s a lifestyle. It encourages the wearer to embrace the joys of dressing, to unlock the joy of being seen and to feel emboldened to go out into the world and express their joie de vivre boldly, happily.




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