Our Eponine studio is home to a treasure trove of colourful and remarkable fabrics. This unique collection of textiles has been lovingly sourced over many years, from countries and artisanal communities around the world.

As we reunite with old friends and get ready to make new ones, now felt a good a time as ever to dive on in.

This collection consists of ten fabulous dresses, many of which are made using recycled embroidered fabrics. In this spirit, we’ve also harvested the offcuts to create a selection of one-of-a-kind Eponine bags which we’re very excited about. Yes, you read that correctly; Eponine bags!

Each design is celebration of colour, texture and shape. It’s a bold, cheerful and distinctly unique collection – the perfect accompaniment to the brighter days that lie ahead of us.

We are so delighted to be able to re-open our doors on Monday April 12th, so if you would like to come see us, do drop us a line:

We cannot wait to see you!

 Team Eponine 💗